Kurma Ajwa (500G)

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There are many dates out there in the market but which dates are the best or suitable for you?

Perhaps you have heard Safawi, Medjoul? How about Ajwa dates?

Are you familiar with Ajwa dates?

Well, Ajwa dates are very popular among umrah/haj pilgrimage as it is a must have whenever you are there. All the tour companies will be promoting Ajwa dates and it is common among pilgrims to purchase Ajwa dates while in Madina.

Why must you try the Aswadan Ajwa Dates :

  • Premium packaging: the 500g Ajwa dates are packed in a beautiful gifting box. It is suitable for gifting as well.
  • It has pits/seeds bin : this is an innovative box design where suitable for on-the-go Muslims who travels or perhaps those who bring to Masjid. No issues of littering.
  • Own farm in Madinah. Unlike others, some Ajwa dates are from Iran.

Ajwa dates from Aswadan is definitely a choice to be considered for your healthy food options and also for the Ramadhan.